Credit Card Gadgets

Don't you just love them?

Well maybe not, but I do! Here is a list of what I have so far in no particular order.

Slim-Gym Radio
Calculator - Lexon
Card holder - MS
Wine companion - ToolLogic
Calendar 2001, 2002, 2003 - Travel Corporation
London Underground Guide - Authentica 2000
Swiss Army Card - Victorinox
London Dining Out Microcard - B&N London 1999
Survival Card - GadGet
Toollite - ToolLogic
London Bars and Clubs Microguide - B&N London 1999
www address book - Authentica
Clearway ice scraper - Touch of Ginger
Calculator - ?
CD card - Claire Anderson, University of Nottingham
Mirror - ?
Holder for phone chip - Orange
NHS Direct information sheet - NHS
Comb - ?
Principles of ethical influence, a pocket guide - Influence at work
Guide to Orange Phone - Orange
Spliff pipe - Silver Palm Leaf
Pack of 14 crayons - Muji
Restaurant guide - Loch Fyne
Aluminum Card Case - Muji
Cutlery and tin opener - GadGet
Scissors, tweezers, comb, nail file set - GadGet
Clothing catalogue - Rohan
England Mint Card - The Product Warehouse
Calculator - ?
Corkscrew, knife, bottle opener - GadGet
Torch - ?
12 Color Pencil in card, with sharpener and rubber - MiniStaff
Digital camera - ?

...and to keep them all in a 2 drawer credit card filing cabinet with clock!

As a pharmacist, with an obsession for things credit card sized, you can just imagine my excitement when I read about the thinhaler!

COMING SOON. For photos see my Gallery.

Please contact me if you're interested in my collection by leaving a message on my feedback page.