Pronunciation of the Icelandic alphabet

I hope this helps you more than it helped me!

Aaashort 'a' as in 'car'
Ááá'ow' as in 'cow'
Bbsame as english 'b'
Ddsame as english 'd'
Ððsimilar to 'th' in 'rather'
Eeeshort e as in 'get'
Ééélong 'e' as in 'been'
Ffeffsimilar to english 'f' but 'v' when between vowels or end of word
Ggge as 'g' in 'good' or 'ch' in scottish 'loch' when between vowels
Hhsame as english 'h' in 'hat', but when a letter 'v' appears after it, it is sounded like 'k'
Iiishort 'i' as in 'it'
Ííílong 'i' as in german 'kino'
Jjjoðpronounced like an english 'y' or german 'j' as in 'ja'
Kkas 'k' in english 'kitchen'
Llellsingle 'l' pronounced as in english 'lean', if double, 'll', it takes on a 'd' sound with almost an unaspirated scottish 'ch' as in 'loch' or 'dl' sound with the 'l' stopped short.
Mmemmas 'm' in english 'man'
Nnennas 'n' in english new', but when it appears double, it sounds like 'dn' with 'n' sound cut short. Exception to this is when 'nn' appears in the article 'hinn' and its declensions.
Oooas 'o' in english 'got'
Óóólong 'o' as in english 'so'
Ppas 'p' in english 'pan'
Rrerricelandic 'r' is always trilled like the french 'rue'
Ssessalways as 's' in english 'sand'
Tt as 't' in english 'team'
Uuulike 'u' in the french 'leur'
Úúúas 'oo' in english 'cool'
Vvvaffas 'v' in english 'van'
Xxex as 'x' in english 'axe'
Yyupsílonsame sound value as 'i'
Ýýýsame sound value as 'í'
Zzsetaequivalent to 's' and used inside words only, historically representing letter in the word. There is a trend away from using it nowadays.
Þþþornas 'th' in english 'thank'
Æææsounds like 'eye' in english
Öööas 'u' in english 'burn' or german 'hören'