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About me

From my CV you can see that I'm a pharmacist and a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Reading. This web site is a collection of various diverse interests and aspects of my life.To contact me please see my feedback page.

Carl Hertz

My great-grandfather was a world famous magician Carl Hertz. I am building up an area on my site as I glean more information about him. Click here to get to it.

Charity Treks

In February 2009 I will be trekking over part of the Sahara Desert to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. You can sponsor me online at my justgiving site.

My first fund raising trek was in 2001,when I took part in The Iceland Hiking Challenge to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. . My report and photos give more detail.

My challenge for 2003 was trekking through the rainforest of Costa Rica to raise funds again for Macmillan Cancer. My journal of the trek has the diary I wrote while out there and some of the photos that I took. There are some photos of our reunion in the Lake District in November 2003..

In April 2008 I trekked April 2008 along a section of the Great Wall of China. I've yet to complete my journal for that one.

Photo Album

I've started to gather together recent photos of family events and holidays in my Gallery.


I am currently studying with the Open University for a Diploma in Geological Science. I'm pleased to report that I have passed all my exams so far. There are some photos of various Geology Field Trips on my Gallery pages.


I have an mild obsession with Iceland and try to travel there at least twice a year. I've been learning Icelandic at UCL for four years. If you want to see what I love about the place have a look at some of the photos that I've taken on previous visits. There are more on my Gallery pages. There are also some links to other sites about Iceland.

Credit Card Gadgets

I have another mild obsession with collecting objects and gadgets that are credit card sized! For a list of my collection click here and to see photos look in my Gallery(coming soon).